Our code will fall under the MIT License. The database structure and any copyrightable data (that doesn’t belong to various partners) will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License, as well as the Open Data Commons Attribution License where appropriate. All listed spaces will be provided with a clear way in which to delete and/or modify any of their information, so anyone can readily opt-out of the database.


Standardising the datafields across dozens of different databases of innovation spaces was a lengthy and arduous process, and we haven’t quite succeeded yet—join the API discussion on our Github here.


Click here to join the open source party on our Github! Everyone’s invited. We’re coding in Python and using Pylons. Our wiki software is MoinMoin, and our database structure is Redis. We’re building this for Linux servers (we are using AWS EC2).


Click here to check out our REST API, and click here to get involved with Maker.json. If you have ideas for how to structure our datafields, please join the discussion forum here.